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Help us save Central!

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Central United Methodist Church in the Manchester area of Richmond, VA, is in the process of becoming a community hub. However, the 122-year-old heating system is defunct, and new mini splits are being installed for $330,000. Our small congregation is seeking grants and historical funding to offset some of the costs. Help us save this historic church so that we may continue to serve the Manchester area.


 The church is home to the Richmond region of Narcotics Anonymous, with 3 groups meetings weekly plus several committee meetings.  Northstar Community, a non-profit supporting families in crisis, has leased classroom spaces and has weekly meetings.  However, we cannot meet these needs without a reliable heating/cooling system.


Your donation would be appreciated to extend our service to the community. If you know of any applicable grants, please inform us. Any additional funds will help upgrade the electrical service, repair exterior problems, and provide much-needed internal cosmetic repairs.

Central United Methodist has a rich history, with its congregation arising from the first Methodist meeting group in the Richmond area. The congregation met in several wood frame buildings in Manchester from 1786 until the Gothic-style red brick building was built in 1900. The church has been a thriving congregation but, over the years, dwindled, like many urban churches. The current small community wants to save this historic building and be a community hub in Manchester neighborhood.  Our mission is to make God's love real by reaching out to all, regardless of race, sexual orientation, or social status.

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